MODsolar is a leading software company that helps remove the complexity from the solar sales process. We created the industry’s first open, visual design and estimation platform, and for nearly 5 years we’ve been providing the software to thousands of users, with millions of proposals created. Our software technology facilitates end-to-end sales processes, helping to close sales faster while increasing solar adoption, significantly reducing time, resources, costs and barriers to closing solar sales.



To broaden solar adoption through easy-to-use, fast solar design and estimation software.


To be recognized and valued as the preferred provider of best-in-class solutions that facilitate the solar sales process. We are known for our user-friendly software that simplifies end-to-end solar sales generation; renowned for our solar and sales industry expertise; and sought after for our ability to provide solutions that meet the needs of installers, manufacturers and organizations that sell solar.



We have unparalleled solar industry expertise with a level of maturity, and proven solutions resulting from our extensive expertise in solar sales. We create intuitive solutions that address the changing needs in the industry.


We remove the barriers to solar adoption through software that reduces process time and cost, making it easy for sales professionals to close sales. our innovative platform enhances the sales call sequence, and can include built-in objection handling for an intuitive, step-by-step flow.

Partnership and Support

We are a true partner in helping to enable sales success, and the only provider of value-added sales support. We offer excellent support, with step-by-step user guides, and a library of print and video tutorials, along with email and phone support, Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm eastern.


We solve industry problems with an innovative, customizable software platform that can be used as an individual tool or to manage enterprise-wide sales needs. no other organization solves the problem as effectively as we do.


The MODsolar platform delivers measurable benefits, with 95% time savings and triple the sales conversions based on an industry average conversion rate.

Robust Software Platform

We offer the first and largest open tool in the US market. it’s driven by a robust database that houses solar panel specs, along with accurate local rebate information.



Our software platform is an industry first. We’re defining the industry standard by continually seeking ways to eliminate barriers and create efficiencies.


From our innovative software platform to our value-added sales support, to our customer partnership approach, we’re on the leading edge of a flourishing industry helping to make solar adoption simple, cost-effective and easy for solar professionals.


Our tools provide maximum interface customization and usage flexibility to accommodate the solar sales process for individuals as well as entire enterprises, with a full range of options and control settings.


Our business exists because of our passion for leading change in how people generate and consume energy. We exhibit our passion by creating software solutions that help enable a greener planet.