New Administrative Controls!

Have more control of your users selection options by utilizing some of our new administrative controls.

Customized Panel Layout: You can now request to have the following features turned off for your users:

  • “Optimal” panel orientation (all panels are landscape or portrait; no mixture)
  • “Free form” solutions (only edge-aligned layouts are generated for sloped roofs)
  • “Force south” solutions (only azimuth-facing layouts are generated for flat roofs and ground mounts)


Bulk-Upload Your Leads: Simply send us an Excel or .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file of your leads and we’ll upload them all to the Platform, eliminating the need to enter each one manually. Contact

Limit the Lead Types that are Displayed: Choose to limit the lead type (Residential, Commercial or Municipal) displayed, thereby eliminating the need to choose a type each time you create a proposal. For example, if your business only works with Residential properties, request to only have Residential displayed. Contact

Administrative Control for Price Per Watt (PPW): Assign a specified minimum and maximum PPW parameter for your users, assuring that they stay within the designated range. Contact

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