Automation Meets Customization: Inserting Data Values

Automatically include standard information by simply adding data fields to your solar proposal template through the Rich Text Paragraph. For a data value to appear on your proposal, you need to add it to your custom solar proposal template. Customized proposal templates are created on the Proposal Templates page in the Settings area. To add the image, insert a Rich Text Paragraph into the custom template by dragging the “Rich Text Paragraph” from the component library into the custom template. Below is a refresher of what this will look like:


Next, select the desired data value, such as the lead name, from the list labeled “Insert Data Value”. Once you have the data value selected, click the “Insert data value” button directly to the right of the list. Remember, that this will only insert the data value, so make sure you insert a text label such as “Client Phone:” to identify what the data value is.


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