Philly Tech Meetup

Last night I attended the Philly Tech Meetup and had a great time! For those of you who don’t know, each month the Philly Tech Meetup brings together entrepreneurs, techies, investors and basically anyone else interested in innovation. It’s a great opportunity to meet individuals with similar passions and potentially find future partners, funders and coworkers.

There are a few presenters at each event and this month, I had the honor of being one! To an audience of about 350, I was able to give a demo of the ModSolar Platform, share the achievements of ModSolar since its 2011 launch and discuss the Platform’s impacts on the solar industry’s sales process and overall growth. I thoroughly enjoyed my time presenting but even more so, I enjoyed my time mingling with all of the attendees. It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by individuals with similar drives and interests in technology and innovation. If you are in the Philly area and are looking for a fun night to learn about new products and engulf yourself in the innovation community, then the Philly Tech Meetup is the place for you!


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