Proposals: Have It YOUR Way!

This is Kevin, ModSolar’s CTO and VP of Product Development, here to announce some exciting new functionality that we’ve been working on for the last couple of months, and we released it TODAY!

From the very beginning, we’ve focused on two key goals with the ModSolar Platform: (1) delivering the power to control and design your PV systems within an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface (no sea of drop-down boxes!), and (2) producing proposals that present the benefits of a solar installation in a way that focuses on the key factors that will drive the customer’s — YOUR customer’s — buying decision. ModSolar’s design team honed its talents in the banking and healthcare industries; we know how to present complex, comprehensive information in a way that makes sense to people.

During the year, some of our installers have approached us about making some custom adjustments to their proposals, and we’ve been able to accommodate all such requests. Some of you may not have asked, but you may still have wished that you could make some changes. Perhaps you wished that you could take out a pair of scissors, and cut up the proposal into its component parts, and then rearranged those parts — moving some to a different page, changing some from full-width to half-width (or vice versa), tossing out some entirely (such as the installation schedule or the “Good You’ll Be Doing” section), or perhaps you’ve wished that you could change the way that an individual part of the proposal is presented, by changing the wording of a particular line, or changing the way something is calculated (for example, the number of years in the lifetime graph).

Well, as of today, we’ve put the power in YOUR hands to do ALL of those things!

Today we’re very proud to announce the release of the FIRST in the industry “drag and drop” proposal design tool. We’ve rebuilt our proposal generator so that it builds proposals out of “components” — and each component can be placed anywhere in the proposal. All of the components can be customized in a variety of ways — most can be shown either full-width or half-width, any component can have a heading above it, labels can be redefined with any text you’d like, calculations can be altered . . . the list goes on. Every part of the old familiar ModSolar proposal has been recreated as a separate configurable component, and we’ve added some NEW components (and we’ll continue to do so!). Need to add a paragraph with some boilerplate text to your proposal? We have a component for that. Need to put section headers into your proposal at key places? We have a component for that. Need to force a page break? We have a component for that.

Do you need to have one proposal layout for your residential customers, and another for your commercial customers? How about one for large systems and another for small systems?  Or a special one for a specific state or town? We’ve got you covered. You can create as many proposal “templates” as you need, and then choose which template to use when you generate your proposal!

When you get to the Preview screen to view your proposal, the Platform will choose a default template automatically, based on the lead type (residential, commercial, or municipal) and financing option (cash, loan, lease, or PPA). When you click the “Change” button, you’ll see a new drop-down list of templates, showing you which template was used. If you want to re-generate the proposal using a different template, just choose it from the list!

Today we're very proud to announce the release of the FIRST in the solar industry "drag and drop" proposal design tool.

Administrators: you have the ability to create and edit your templates, and to decide which template will be the default for each combination of lead type + financing option. We’ve already pre-built several templates (to match the old familiar ModSolar proposal layout) and pre-defined the defaults. But you can create a new template from scratch, or start with a copy of any of the built-in templates, and modify it to suit your needs!

Today we're very proud to announce the release of the FIRST in the solar industry "drag and drop" proposal design tool.

Creating and editing a template is as easy as . . . well, it’s as easy as cutting up a proposal with a pair of scissors, and re-arranging the pieces! Drag the components into place, move them around, click the “Customize” button to alter the behavior of an individual component . . . it’s all very powerful, easy, and actually kind of fun!

Today we're very proud to announce the release of the FIRST in the solar industry "drag and drop" proposal design tool.

Different components have different customizations available to you; most can be shown half-width or full-width (each has a default width), any component can have a heading (some have headings by default, some do not), half-width components can be shown at the top, middle, or bottom to align with the component that appears next to it, line labels can be modified, calculation logic can be altered . . . . If you’ve looked at a part of your proposal and wondered whether something could be modified, the chances are good that we’ve made that very thing customizable in the component.

Today we're very proud to announce the release of the FIRST in the solar industry "drag and drop" proposal design tool.

You’ll surely want to check out this powerful new approach to proposal generation. Go ahead, dive right in! Copy a standard proposal template and start customizing it! Or, if you’d prefer, check out this video demonstration first:

And if you’re an administrator, here’s an advanced video showing a few more concepts and options with proposal templates:

In the coming months, we’ll be adding new components. (Be sure to check out our new Cash Flow component — ideal for commercial proposals, whether cash or financed!) And, we’ll continue to add powerful new features like this. We’re building the technology platform for the solar industry — to help you design, propose, and CLOSE more business.

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