MODsolar’s Platform impacts the greatest percentage of US solar markets, delivering hundreds of thousands of highly effective Solar Sales Proposals resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in solar sales each year through our thousands of MODsolar software and technology Platform users.

And now, we’ve launched an international presence through our Platform and Team serving Europe and beyond. Our solar sales software and technology solutions currently include 5 products and services, with more solar sales solutions on the horizon:

Right now we offer:


The foundation of MODsolar’s Platform has been Software as a Service.

Perhaps Solar Sales as a Service is more accurate as this is what MODsolar is famous for and does best.

Our highly effective Solar Sales Proposal tools driven by MOD’s simple point-and-click, no cost, patent-pending solar system design layout tools enable our thousands of users to simply and quickly deliver highly polished professional Solar Sales Proposals to end-users, your customers.

If you can type an address into our Platform, MOD’s technology does the rest.

In early days of solar sales, designs were considered most important to solar sales processes. So MODsolar built the industry’s best design tools to effectively address this need and demand, rapidly becoming leaders in this space.

Our mission and vision include making it easier with less cost for our world to go solar. Offering the solar industry’s leading solar system design tool for free is assurance that we are doing our part to make that happen. You win. Everyone wins.

And SaaS saves you money by shaving hours of time and significant costs off each of your solar projects, adding to profits, increasing number of solar sales opportunities, shortened solar sales cycles, improving your top and bottom lines.

Our SaaS Solar Sales Proposals are designed with the end-users in mind, delivering paybacks, ROI, savings, environmental benefits, easy to read graphs and charts in addition to your Company Story, presented with your company’s look and feel.

From the largest solar contractors in the world to all levels of solar professionals just getting started, MOD’s SaaS tools make your job easier and faster, saving time and money.

MODsolar does not stop there; read on to see which tools match your immediate needs as we offer much more.



Transactions as a Service.

Imagine being able to lead a customer through a solar sales process using MOD’s professional Solar Sales Proposals, then being able to immediately get a contract signature online to close the deal. But that’s just the beginning.

Imagine being able to acquire instant credit checks and approvals for your customer right on the spot, plus establish workflows, tracking tasks and to-do’s throughout the entire solar sales process, simplifying project management all along the way.

And yes, imagine you are able to provide a financing solution to your customer, too.

All in one continuous flow of a sales call. That is what MOD’s TaaS products do.

Once you have our SaaS services, adding TaaS features allows you to go further through the solar sales process, helping your customers commit to going solar with you, while allowing you to follow steps needed to complete the entire process.

A solar sale is not complete without the steps and features within TaaS.



MOD’s Acquisition as a Service TM enables you to acquire your own qualified solar customer prospects and leads using our technology Platform to conduct campaigns on your behalf.

MaaS is the exclusive MODsolar service allowing you to profile where your customers live, their household incomes, fico scores, their energy usage, energy costs, and process these prequalified homeowners through MOD’s Platform to be sure their homes meet requirements for going solar.

Oh, and yeah, MOD’s Platform tells you how much solar will fit on the home and what the homeowner’s savings will be if, (when) they go solar with you.

We do even more; MOD designs and delivers your message to these customers in printed hard-copy mailings as well as multiple emails strategically designed and timed to get results.

Plus, exclusive URL and toll-fee numbers are included in our campaigns and a qualified solar customer prospect is about the cost of a cup of coffee.

Popularity and success of MaaS means our Teams are constantly processing campaigns and each campaign is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Please plan your MaaS customer acquisition campaigns accordingly.



Proposals as a Service ™. That’s right; Solar Sales Proposals as a Service is another exclusive, industry first and only from MODsolar.

For fast paced, growing solar organizations without extra time, money or desire to add additional staff for handling all details of solar sales proposals or solar sales processes, MODsolar offers a perfect solution: PaaS.

Our highly proficient, experienced PaaS Teams do all the work for you. Simply provide street addresses of your clients or prospects and MODsolar’s PaaS Teams process these through our Platform, creating solar panel layouts and designs in overhead views; we build solar sales proposals with paybacks, ROI, graphs and charts to show savings, plus solar sales proposals have your company’s look and feel, logos, colors and messaging.

PaaS final product outcome is a full-blown professional solar sales proposal representing your company in the most positive manner, conducive to closing more sales.

PaaS seems too good to be true for many — especially since PaaS may cost about the same and often, less than when you are doing proposals yourself!

Speed, efficiency, time savings, increased profits — that’s what MODsolar is all about. That’s what MOD does for you with PaaS. Give PaaS a try. We’re sure you’ll be surprised at your savings. And you can always go back to doing it all yourself.



Designs as a Service?

That’s right. MODsolar never stops innovating and addressing biggest hurdles and needs in the solar sales marketplace. We do this for the most prominent solar companies, too.

MOD delivers Designs as a Service, DaaS to address an ever increasing demand for fast turnarounds on solar system layouts in CAD drawings on buildings.

Simply supply the street address of your customer or prospect and MODsolar DaaS Teams take it from there.

DaaS Teams provide the CAD layout drawings and accompanying professional solar sales proposals in record turnaround times. How fast can you use DaaS?

From a few hours turnaround to just a few minutes — you decide how soon you want to sell more solar.

DaaS, as in all MODsolar sales tools and services saves you time, reduces your need for extra resources and puts money back in your pocket.


More solar sales, more frequently and at lower costs. That is MOD’s advantage to you.