Q: What if the utility company and rate for my client’s property is not in the utility drop down?

A: Contact the MODsolar support team at support@modsolar.net or call 610-572-2555. They will work with Genability to get it added.


Q: Can I enter in my own utility rate?

A: Yes, in addition to the utility rate provided by Genability, you have the option of:

Selecting a standard rate (as defined in global proposal settings in settings area)
Entering a rate manually (constant or tiered)


Q: How is the “roof type” used in the proposal?

A: When the roof type is selected on the Name/Address/Usage page, the roof data value is stored in the system and can be incorporated into your final proposal by including it on a custom proposal template. For more information on how to incorporate the inverter into your custom proposal template go to the MODsolar blog entitled Customize your Proposals.


Q: Can I add other states to my account?

A: You can add as many states as you would like. This functionality is managed in the Settings area, under the Your States + SRECs button on the left hand column. (Note: to make changes in the Settings area, you need to be the administrator on your account.)






Q: How is the Total DC Watts calculated?

A: The predicted DC Watts is based on NREL DC Watts per square foot average data.


Q: What does the “Square-Up” feature do?

A: When you’ve drawn a region with exactly 4 points, the Square-Up button turns the region into a perfect rectangle. It will stay a perfect rectangle when you drag a corner to change the size. You also have the ability to rotate the rectangle to align it with the orientation of the roof.






Q: I do not want the Free Form Panel Layout Solution. Can it be removed?

A: Yes, contact the MODsolar support team at support@modsolar.net or call 610-572-2555 x2.


Q: Why is there only one panel with production numbers?

A: There is no limit to the number of panels that you can add to your account. To save time, the system calculated the production numbers for your preferred panel first. If you wish to use another panel, simply click Generate Layout of the desired panel.


Q: The panels are appear horizontally; can I change them to portrait?

A: Yes, in the Proposal Settings accordion, look for Panel Orientation, then select Force landscape. You may also select Force portrait, or Force optimal to fit the maximum number of panels in the array.






Q: How do I get the local rebate deducted before the Federal Tax Credit is calculated?

A: Incentive Sequencing is found in the Settings area. (Note: to make changes in the Settings area, you need to be the administrator on your account.) In the Settings area, select Incentive Calculations from the left hand column. Click on the green down arrow next to the state that you are working in. Move the incentives up and down and drag the Adjusted Total bar over to group the incentives. All incentives within the same group will be applied to the same total cost – thus, the order of incentives within a group does not matter. Please refer to the MODsolar blog entitled: Incentives Calculations for more details.


Q: How is the MACRs calculated?

A: MACRS Depreciation: Each year is calculated by taking the net cost of the system after incentives, adding back 50% of the Federal Tax Credit, multiplying it by the respective year’s depreciation factor, and then multiplying it by the customer’s corporate tax rate. The 6 year depreciation factors (starting with year 1) are: 20%, 32%, 19.2%, 11.52%, 11.52% and 5.76%. The four corporate tax rates are 15%, 25%, 34% and 35%. For more details, please refer to the MODsolar blog entitled “New MACRS Incentives for 2013″


Q: Why aren’t the state incentives showing up on the incentives and finance page?

A: There are a few possibilities:

The incentive has not been added to the Platform;
The incentive has not been selected in your master list of incentives or;
Your solar design does not meet the parameters of the incentives. All of your incentives are managed in the Settings area under the Incentives Calculations button on the left. (Note: to make changes in the Settings area, you need to be the administrator on your account.)


Q: Where are the finance options?

A: If you offer loan, lease and/or PPA finance programs, these can be incorporated into the MODsolar Platform. Please contact the MODsolar support team at support@modsolar.net or call 610-572-2555 x2 to get your finance programs set up.


Q: I had MODsolar add my loan program, but it is not showing up on the Incentives & Financing page.

A: Finance programs will only appear if the system that you designed falls within the parameters of the finance program. For example, if your loan has system size qualifiers or a loan amount maximum, be sure to verify that your system meets these parameters.