You can connect your CRM service to the MODsolar Platform so if a lead is added into your preferred CRM, it also creates a lead in the Platform. The CRM service must be compatible with our RESTful API. If it is compatible, we will provide you an API key for you to pass on to your CRM so this can be set up.


Create Lead on MODsolar

This creates a lead on MODsolar and returns the leadId if lead has been created successfully.








HTTP Method:




Field Name Required? Type Description
username No String Dealer Name
dealerId No Numeric Dealer Id
firstName Yes String First Name
lastName Yes String Last Name
address Yes String Street
city Yes String City
state Yes String State
zipCode Yes String Zip Code
phone No String Phone
cellPhone No String Cell Phone
email No String Email
roofType No String Roof Type
yearlyUsage No Numeric User could choose between YearlyUsage and MonthlyUsage. If both fields were null, default yearlyUsage would be set to 0.
monthlyUsage No Numeric Array
avgMonthlyBill No Numeric Avg Monthly Electric Bill


Example Request JSON:



“externalLeadId”: “String content”,

“username”: “String content”,

“firstName”: “String content”,

“lastName”: “String content”,

“address”: “String content”,

“city”: “String content”,

“state”: “String content”,

“zipCode”: “String content”




If lead has been created on MODsolar successfully, the response will return leadId (which is used by MODsolar), otherwise the response will only contain error message.


Example Response Body:




“leadId”: number





“error”: “String content”