We’ve created a Lead Generation Widget that you can embed on your website.  This widget enables the prospect to request for solar quote and engages them by having them identify their house or property.


How does it work?

1. The prospect enters their name, address and contact information.

2. They also enter the monthly average dollars spent on electricity and select their utility provider.

3. A Google Maps aerial image will appear based on the address that has been entered.

4. The prospect then zooms in, centers and identifies their house.

5. They receive an online thank you message, an email that you will be in touch soon.


The lead will automatically appear on your My Leads page in a different color to indicate that it is a new lead from the widget, and an email will also be sent to a member of your team notifying them that a new lead has been submitted.


Example of what it will look like on your website:

 Enter address


How do you set it up?

1. You complete the Widget information in the settings area of your account.

2. You copy the HTML code to your website and you are done!


Example widget setting you can personalize:

 Widget Settings