Move Forward Faster With Setbacks

Accuracy is vital when planning a solar system, but occasionally certain zoning requirements make it difficult to easily calculate the size of the area you’re going to need. Solar roof setbacks are one of these requirements… Continue reading

Proposal Settings Accordion

ModSolar is proud to announce that we are releasing a new and improved version of the ModSolar Platform. We have taken your recommendations into consideration and are confident that the new version will improve your… Continue reading

Adding Images

For an image to appear on a PV system proposal, you need to add it to your custom proposal template. Customized proposal templates are created on the Proposal Templates page in the Settings area. To add the image, insert… Continue reading

Multiple Finance Option Comparisons

If you have finance options defined in the platform, you can select multiple financing options on the Incentives & Financing page. Select up to two financing programs, plus cash if desired. (Note: It is NOT recommended… Continue reading

Incentive Calculations

A topic that we often get questions about is regarding our Incentive Calculations. So, here’s a quick review of the options for this area of the Platform. Your System Administrator can apply these changes for you if you do not… Continue reading

New Administrative Controls

Have more control of your users selection options by utilizing some of our new administrative controls. Customized Panel Layout: You can now request to have the following features turned off for your users… Continue reading

Customize Your Proposals

Interested in adding more detail to your solar proposals? Below are instructions on how to include more information about your solar project within the proposal. Identify the Roof Type : You can now add the Roof Type… Continue reading

Creating a Cover Page

We want you to utilize the ModSolar Platform to its fullest ability. So, today I am providing you with a tutorial on how to create a custom cover page! Go to your Settings Page and click on Proposal Templates in the left hand… Continue reading

Inserting Data Values

Automatically include standard information by simply adding data fields to your solar proposal template through the Rich Text Paragraph. For a data value to appear on your proposal, you need to add it to your custom solar proposal… Continue reading

Production & Usage Graph/Rich Text Paragraph

Yesterday, we added two new components to the proposal generator on the ModSolar Platform: a combined Production and Usage Graph, and a flexible and powerful Rich Text Paragraph with a WYSIWGY editor. The Production… Continue reading

E-Commerce & Automated Material Estimates

Today ModSolar reaches another milestone as a company and for the solar industry as a whole. Ever since we introduced our patent-pending Panel Layout Technology last September, we knew that using it to create panel layouts on a roof… Continue reading