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A bunch of changes...

August 6, 2011 at 4:47 PM | 0 Comments

We've made a bunch of changes this week to continue to improve upon the ModSolar Platform with your feedback. All of these changes come directly from our customers, so we're continuing to be as responsive as possible while still building the new stuff that we know you all want. These changes are listed from large to small in order:

Comment field for a lead

We've added a comment field for each lead in the lead popup, which appears when you click on a lead on your My Leads page:


comment field for a lead

Comment Field for a Lead


This comment field can take input very, very large, so no worries about putting too much stuff in here. Since this is one of the first pieces of CRM functionality that we've built into the platform, we're suggesting that you can use it to move leads around your organization and write notes to each other, prefacing your notes with your <name> (if you like), as a way to keep leads moving but also understand what actions need to be taken. This is free-form field, so whatever you want to put in there (except images) it will take. Don't forget to use the save button!

"Supervisor" Role

Coming directly from a suggestion for a new customer with a large sales and operations force, we've implemented a new role to which you can assign your users in Settings -> Users (for Administrator users):


Supervisor role

Supervisor Role


Here's what each of the roles can do:

  • Administrator - has access to all areas including settings, all leads, assign leads, create proposals
  • Supervisor (new) - has access to all leads, assign leads, create proposals
  • User - can create proposals

The key difference between the Administrator role and the Supervisor role is that the Administrator has access to settings, while the Supervisor doesn't.

Monthly bar chart goes rightside up + now shows profit

This one's been sticking in folks' craws for a while, and we're glad we figured out a way to incorporate all possible cases in the "Monthly what you'll spend and make" graph on page two, top left of the PDF proposal:





If the coverage of the PV system you're quoting is greater than or close to 100% of the usage of the home/business, in some months there'll be a profit (producing more electricity than needed). That is shown on the graph according to month, using the two different greens. This change allowed us to flip the graph "right side up" and beef up the legend; we think it's much more clear than before, and we think you'll agree!

SREC's to 15 years + change to MACRS calculation

2 calculation changes reflected here. First, we've taken the SREC's to 15 years to reflect that most states have normalized their renewable energy standards (and SRECS, if applicable), to 2025 - or 15 years:


SRECs up to 15 years

SRECs to 15 years


Note that the bend in the ROI graph (Page 2, top right of the proposal) for SREC states is now at 15 years and not 10.

The second change is in the calculation of MACRS depreciation, with the 100% acceleration still available in 2011 in the form of a treasury grant. This is reflected in the cost table at the top-right of page 1:

The MACRS calculation is now the following:


new macrs calculation

New MACRs Calculation


Total system cost MINUS half the Fed tax grant (15%) TIMES average corporate tax rate of 30%.

The reason why an average corporate tax rate is used as the MACRS number is because if the company you're quoting has income sufficient to depreciate the full system amount against, the actual dollars they'll see from the MACRS incentive is really only 30% of the system cost. Even though they can deduct the full system cost, they're only avoiding the tax they'd otherwise have paid on that income, now deducted against, or in this case, 85% of the total system cost TIMES 30%, the average tax rate.

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