I've heard from a lot of you about the new Panel Layout technology, and we really appreciate all the comments and feedback we're getting. We're working hard to respond quickly, and over the next few days we will continue to do so as we work to perfect this solution so that it has the maximum benefit and usefulness for you.

Things we fixed/changed today:

  1. On the new "Lay Out Panels" page, we've added a "Panel Orientation" button. In "edge-aligned" panel layout solutions only, if you select "Force portrait" or "Force landscape" and re-run, the Platform will force a portrait or landscape panel orientation (relative to the azimuth you set); this will enable you to get the aesthetics you want when designing PV systems. (Free-form solutions will always use an optimal panel orientation.)
  2. In flat-roof and ground-mount systems, the first time you run the panel layout solutions, the Platform calculates the optimum inter-row spacing for shading for you, and populates that in the form under the "Panel Spacing" button. However, since most of your ballast systems may not work with such small inter-row shading, you can now override that spacing value, and re-run to get the exact layout you want.
  3. We've added full email address and full mailing address to the header of the proposals.
  4. We've reduced the size of the blue-outlined rectangles that form the points of regions on the map page - so you can more easily see your roof lines.
  5. Finally, we've added a federal tax credit/grant switch to the Settings -> Incentive Calculations page. Here's what it looks like:

 fedederal tax grant

Fed tax grant switch

If this setting is CHECKED, that means that the 30% federal tax grant will be applied AFTER state incentives are subtracted from the total system cost (since state incentives constitute taxable income). If this setting is NOT checked, the 30% federal tax grant will be applied to the total system cost. It will be unchecked by default.

I heard that folks liked to use this one both ways, so we decided, as we always do, to put the control in your hands and let you choose which way you wanted this calculated.

Check back here soon for more updates!

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