October 1, 2018 MODsolar Admin

Here are the steps on how to add inverters in the Modsolar Platform:

1. Go to Settings.

Go to settings and select adding-inverters.

2. Go to Inverters.

Select inverters.

3. Select Add an inverter.

4. Select the Inverter Manufacturer and Model from the drop-down list. The fields for Inverter Rating, Inverter Type and Inverter Efficiency are populated automatically. If the inverter you want to add is not on the list, select “Unknown or not listed” to manually name it.

The only field used to calculate the solar production is the Inverter Efficiency (%).

5. Select the “Enabled” checkbox to show the inverter as an option in the Design System page. Unchecking it hides it as an option.

6. Select “This is the preferred inverter” to make it the default selection when creating proposals.

7. Select “Save” when done to save the changes.

Additional Notes

pencil icon To edit an existing inverter, select the Pencil icon.

trash can icon To delete an inverter, select the Trash Bin icon.