We're extremely excited to announce that we've created an Android app for the MODsolar platform!  It's currently freely available in Google Play online or on your android devices by doing a search for "modsolar".  Existing users of the Platform will be able to login to the app using their same user id & password to the MODsolar Platform.  Here's what you can do on the app:

  • Access your existing leads
  • Filter leads by usage and date
  • See proposals for a lead
  • View proposal detail
  • See the PDF for a proposal
  • Clone a proposal
  • Email any proposal to your lead (but not change the email)
  • Finally, installers can take pictures through the app, capturing images and being able to view them on the app as well as on the rest of the platform.  These pictures are geo-coded (longitude and latittude) as well as compass direction.  Note location/direction information is being capture but will be used on the platform at a later date.
  • You can also tag images with text to take notes on a picture if you need to

No upcharge on the app - included with your existing license.  Let us know what you think - you can email us at any time through info@modsolar.net.

Oh yeah...iPhone is coming in a few weeks.

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