Very busy here at MODsolar these days. We've released a bunch of new stuff in the last 24 hours that I know will be very useful for many of you.  First a summary and then some detail, so here's what we've added:

  • big changes to the proposal generation flow
  • proposal color themes and custom colors for your proposals
  • municipal leads
  • installation schedule intelligence

Big changes to the proposal generation flow:

Previously, our proposal generation contained the following pages/steps:
  1. Enter lead contact info
  2. Enter usage
  3. Map the system
  4. Preview the proposal
  5. Save/email


We've made a big change to account for coming functionality (system design + financing), but it will immediately benefit those states with more complex incentives.

The proposal generation flow is now:
  1. Enter lead contact info + usage
  2. Map the system
  3. Configure/calculate incentives
  4. Preview the proposal
  5. Save/email


So here's an immediate benefit of this new flow:

In step 3 above, since it comes after you've mapped the PV system, the platform has calculated and thus knows the following:
  1. Cost of materials + labor (system size x price per watt)
  2. Permit cost
  3. Total system cost (before incentives)
  4. Total system size in kW
  5. Total # of panels
  6. Total yearly production in kWh/year (from PV Watts)


Because the system has calculated the system size & knows all of these things, most of the more complex incentives around the country can now be calculated by you and entered right on the page. On that page, we give you a bunch of "additional incentive" entry lines; the additional incentive labels and amounts that you enter here will carry forward to the proposal and will be subtracted from total system cost. (And, in the coming weeks, we'll start to make this page more sophisticated, removing some of the manual calculations that you have to do and instead making them more automatic.)

Here are a couple of screenshots of the new flow:

municipal usage

You can now add municipal leads and the Platform will exclude federal incentives; also usage entry is now on this page.


Proposal Colors

Many of you have asked for custom versions of the PDF proposal with color schemes more in line with your brand colors, so that the PDF proposals that you give to your prospects look more like they come from you and you can differentiate yourself as needed. In this release, we've allowed you to do that with 7 color themes with matching images, and also the ability to specify custom brand colors. This is accessible through the Settings area, in a new page called "Proposal Colors":

proposal colors

Choose from 7 different color themes or enter your custom brand colors.


First, you select a theme to base your colors from. The themes were designed based on research and analysis of the major brand color families, giving one design for each major brand color family. The themes are:

  1. ModSolar Classic - small changes from today, updated graphics
  2. Citrus - lime green and muted orange
  3. Cool Slate - a nice mid-blue with gray and lighter blues
  4. Red Hot - a deep red, yellow and gray
  5. Spring Bloom - very bright with purple and greens
  6. Sunny Day - bright orange and blue, with yellow
  7. Warm Stone - dark yellows and gray

Once you've selected the theme, you have the ability to make each of 4 colors custom to your brand specifications. Note that the images will not change based on your color selection, so choose the theme closest to your brand color family, and then adjust the colors if needed. Once you save the changes, the next time you add a lead or regenerate a proposal from a clone, the PDF will reflect the new colors.


Municipal Leads

municipal icon

Municipal or non-profit icon on the My Leads page


We've added a third type of lead, apart from residential and commercial, called "municipal." A municipal lead is any local, state or federal government entity, or non-profit that is not entitled to the federal tax grant or the accelerated depreciation. The proposals that you generate for them will not have these two incentives automatically applied. (Of course, if you're quoting this proposal assuming you're going to get some other form of AIRR or other grant, you can add that in the "Additional Incentives" area and it will carry through to the proposal.)


Additional installation schedules

In the PDF propopsal, previously we only had one installation schedule showing 90 days. A customer pointed out that for jobs over 20kW, that wasn't really realistic. So we've added 2 additional installation schedules, broken down this way:

1. If system size < 20 kW, then the 90 day schedule will be shown

2. If system size is between 20 kW and 150 kW, then a new 7-month schedule will be shown

3. If system size is greater than 150 kW, then a 10-month schedule will be shown

Examples of these schedules are below.

10 months

10 month installation schedule for systems greater than 150 kW

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