To get everyone to ‘Go Solar for Good’ is a daunting task, and yet one that we are ever committed to. In our quest to achieve it, we were struck with a realization as bright as the sun: why not team up with our local installers?

Quiet their labors may be, they can still be at par with the big guys, and even at the rate of one rooftop at a time, they send waves of inspiration and positive change across the neighborhood and out into the world.

  1. Local Knowledge and Expertise
Hire local solar installers because local solar installers have more local knowledge and expertise

Think about homecourt advantage! Regional installers are privy to several aspects that are exclusive to your area and are vital considerations to the installation process. Understanding weather and climate, for instance, can lead them to make better suggestions about products to use and methods to undertake.

Their understanding of the local policies, codes, incentives, permits, and other requirements can expedite paperwork. Even their knowledge of architecture of the neighborhood will affect how the project turns out!

  1. Greater Accountability
Hire local solar installers because local solar installers have greater accountability.

Local installers will place greater value on every client because of the limited size of their market. Unlike their big counterparts which have wide nets to cast and a vast sea of prospects, they can’t afford to lose leads and existing clients. Local installers are bent to deliver quality work to impress and retain clients, avoid negative reviews, and build their reputation by word-of-mouth rather than expensive commercial advertising.

  1. Consistent Work

Hire local solar installers because local solar  installers provide consistent work

Large-scale companies understandably hire contractors to cater to the large quantity of their customers. It’s no surprise that every time you call for servicing or maintenance, new faces will climb to your roof.

Meanwhile, local contractors have more or less a fixed set of employees. Since it’s the same guys who did the initial job, it’s reasonable to expect that they are familiar with the overall work.

  1. Reliability Founded on Reputation
Hire local solar installers because local solar installers their reliability is founded on reputation.

Usually, companies will only use satisfied customers for reference. When you go local, you can personally see the work that they’ve done yourself. Because their market is limited to only a certain area, you can easily ask around from real people about them--red flags, quality and pricing. Your acquaintances or friends can even vouch for them!

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  1. Proximity means Responsiveness and Responsibility
Hire local solar installers because local solar installers are nearer, and they will be more responsive and responsible.

They’re based in the area, possibly around the block, so you can expect them to get to you much faster and the materials and pieces of equipment don’t have to be transported over long distances.When you need to get a hold of them, they can easily be held accountable, too!

  1. Personal Interactions
Hire local solar installers because local solar installers are more likely to engage in personal interactions.

Want to see each other eye to eye? This can be achieved in a literal sense with the local folks as you can simply drive to their doorstep and talk to real people. In addition, local installation companies are most likely small and family-owned. There’s always a high chance the guys who mount the system on your roof are the owners themselves and they’re willing to listen to your feedback or concern.

They’re part of your community! Your transaction enlivens up the local economy! And you’re teaming up to inspire the rest of the ‘hood to go solar.

Besides, you’d favor a friend more than a stranger, right? Being from around the same area will incite them to deliver beyond “good” work. They know your partnership benefits the whole community.

  1. Costs Lesser
Hire local solar installers because local solar installers are cheaper.

While this is a case-to-case basis, local installers can be more flexible with their pricing. If they’re closer to you, transportation costs can be cut down. Big companies often set fixed prices to ensure return.

We are not saying that every local solar PV panel installation company is perfect, or that every big scale installer can’t cater to your needs. We suggest that you still do your own research not only about installation companies, but the solar industry, in general.

However, at a deeper and more intimate sense, we just believe that ‘Go solar for good’ starts with ‘going local.’ And that the global change we’re waiting to see? It must start slowly but steadily within our own communities.

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