September 27, 2018 MODsolar Support

Placing Panels

There are two options on how you can show the areas or panels in the aerial image. These two options can be seen at the bottom of the Draw Areas page and you need to select only one to proceed to the Design System page.

Use Select a Panel when you know the exact system size you want. You will be able to define the number of panels you want to use for the project but you will not be able to see the panel layout in the aerial image. Check the example below:


Use Lay Out Panels to allow the platform to automatically generate the number of panels that could fit in the drawn areas. This option allows you to see the panel layout in this option. This is a patent-pending panel layout technology. Check the example below:


Tip: If the panels are not appearing in the Preview page, you have to go back to the Draw Areas page and select “Lay Out Panels” instead.

Sloped Roof Solutions

  • Free-form Azimuth- fits the highest number of panels possible without using region (roof) edge as a guide
  • Edge Aligned – lays out panels in relation to one region (roof) edge

Flat Roof and Ground Mount Solutions

  • Free-form Azimuth – lays out panels according to one region (roof) edge
  • Free-form Force South – lays out panels facing due south

Panel Orientation

  • Force Portrait – arranges all panels vertically
  • Force Landscape – arranges all panels horizontally
  • Optimal – arranges panels with the same orientation within a row but allows different rows to have a different orientation to the maximum number of panels

Panel Spacing

  • Force Grid – default option
  • Ecofoot 2 Racking
  • Individual adjustments – this can be made between panels and rows
    • Spacing is measured in inches; use decimal notation for fractions.
    • Flat roof systems will automatically calculate inter-row spacing using the property’s latitude or the default tile defined in the Settings area.

Re-run Layouts – use this button when you want to generate a new layout specified based on your changes.

See-through Panels – makes panels transparent to identify roof obstructions. Delete panels on or near obstructions by selecting them and clicking Delete on the Delete Panel(s) pop-up.