Different amounts of shading for different roof areas

July 25, 2014 MODsolar Admin

For many solar installations, shading is an important factor in determining the amount of power that can be generated. On the ModSolar platform, users have always been able to specify a shading factor for the system they are proposing as a whole. But determining the shading factor can get tricky when panels are distributed among multiple roof areas. It’s hard to come up with an estimate for the whole system when, say, the panels are placed on three different areas of the roof, one that gets 75% sun,  another that gets 90%, and a third that is never shaded at all. It’s harder still when deciduous trees are involved, so that the shading varies month by month.

The new “per-area shading” features in the ModSolar platform take care of the problem. Now, you can specify a shading factor for each panel area you draw on the prospect’s roof. (The feature works for ground-mount systems that are split into different areas too.) If you like, you can specify a shading factor for each month for each of the areas.

The shading details are  entered in the “Shading” section of the “accordion” at the right-hand side of the screen. Here’s how it looks for a two-area design:

shading image 7-25-14

Those of you who need to edit the production values calculated by the software, please take note: Our shift to calculating shading effects on an area-by-area basis has also meant a slight shift in how total production can be edited. In the Production section of the accordion, you can no longer edit the total production figure directly. Instead, you’ll need to open the drop-down for the area or areas whose production you want to change and edit them individually. The image below shows what that looks like:

Change Production (from Rosi 7-25-14)

We’re confident these new shading features will simplify your life by making accurate quotes much easier to produce. If you have any questions about them, please let us know!

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