September 27, 2018 MODsolar Support

Naming the Proposal

Enter any text or numerical value to uniquely identify the proposal.

Locating the Property

Use map navigation tool to center on customer location and zoom in.

Drawing an Array

1. Draw array by placing a series of points in a clockwise or counter-clockwise order. Arrays may be any shape that has 3 or more points.

2. Click a point to delete it. Drag a point to move it.

Tip: Do not cross over the middle of the region or you will create a bow-tie effect.

3. Click the center of the array to activate the array pop-up window. Array will turn orange.

4. To draw another array, set the first array as inactive by clicking on it until it turns gray then you can start drawing another series of points for the second array.

Array Properties

You can set the properties of an array by going to the accordion (the gear icon on the right side of the screen).

Mount Type

  • Sloped Roof
  • Flat Roof
  • Ground Mount

Slope – The slope side bar appears when you have a sloped roof. You can change the value by sliding the the bar of by changing the number in the text field.

Snap Azimuth – The orange orientation line that descends due south from the array. The line indicates the azimuth of how the panels will face the sun. When Snap Azimuth is enabled, the platform automatically orients the azimuth. When disabled, you can click and drag the pin and line to manually define the direction.

Square-Up – Use this button on regions with 4 points. This automatically redraws region with 4 right angles. The region will stay a perfect square or rectangle if you change the size by dragging the point. This gives you an ability to rotate the rectangle to align it with the roof orientation.

Delete – Deletes the selected region.

Reset – Erases all regions and resets the map to its original position.

Total DC Watts – Shows total DC watts for all drawn reports based on NREL DC watts per square foot average data.

White box – Adjust position and zoom to ensure the property is within the white border guideline; this denotes the area that will be displayed in the proposal.


1. Arrays should not intersect with each other.

2. Use the Move and Rotate arrows to move and rotate an array.