Today we added some new features to the "Lay Out Panels" page, that make it much more convenient for you when you need to delete multiple panels from the pre-generated panel layout.

Previously, when you needed to delete panels (due to roof obstructions, etc.), you had to delete one panel at a time, and each time you clicked a panel to delete it, you were prompted to confirm the deletion. If you had to delete many panels, the process became so tedious and frustrating that you may have skipped the whole process of panel deletion -- sacrificing accuracy for the sake of convenience.

Now, when you mark a panel for deletion, the prompt appears as before (though it's much more compact now), but you can continue to mark multiple panels, and then confirm the deletion of all that you have marked. You can click an individual marked panel to toggle it (so that it's no longer marked for deletion), and as before you can cancel the deletion of the marked panels.

But the biggest enhancement is this: you can click anywhere on the map image with your mouse, and drag to form a dynamic rectangle (oriented with its edges vertical and horizontal on the screen) -- a rectangle that changes in shape and size as you move your mouse. When you release your mouse, all panels either contained inside the rectangle or intersected by its edges will be marked for deletion -- in one step! The confirmation message will appear, and you can continue to mark/unmark individual panels, and can even use the click/drag rectangle method to mark additional groups of panels.

Here's a video demonstration of these powerful new features:

We know that these enhancements will save you a LOT of time when you need to remove panels because of obstructions -- particularly for your large commercial installations. And because we've made it so much easier, you'll be more likely to delete those panels, and you won't need to sacrifice accuracy in your proposals.

Please contact us at any time for any questions, comments or feedback.  We are always glad to talk to you!

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