If you have finance options defined in the platform, you can select multiple financing options on the Incentives & Financing page. Select up to two financing programs, plus cash if desired. (Note: It is NOT recommended that you select two of the same type -- e.g., two leases, two loans, or two PPAs. But it's OK to pick two different types, e.g., a lease and a loan.)

To have the comparison appear on your proposal, you will need to create a custom proposal template. Customized proposal templates are created on the Proposal Templates page in the Settings area.

The component library is on the top half of the page, above the black line.  Below the black line is the proposal template.  You simply drag a component from the library and drop it into the proposal template.  In the sample below, the "Cash Lease Comparison" template, both the cash and lease versions of the cost breakdown are placed in the templates, as well as both the cash and lease lifetime graph.

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