Today we released another small improvement to the ModSolar Platform that will enable you to get more precision from your proposals - specifically by entering 12-month shading percentages from your shade analysis tool report.

If you use one of the major shade analysis tools on the market, those tools give you monthly shading percentages for a surveyed property such that you can know how much production from your PV system will be reduced by the shading objects on the property, during each month of the year. Now you can add those percentages into the ModSolar Platform when you're quoting a proposal to get a more accurate quote.

On the proposal review screen, a tab has been added to the "Change" button called "Production & Shading": 

screen shot of the production and shading tab in the change button

The production shading tab in the change button


One change to be aware of is that the yearly production and shading numbers have been moved from the "General" tab to this new tab. If you don't want to manipulate monthly shading numbers but want to change the yearly shading percentage, you can still do that, on this new tab.

Below the yearly shading percentage you now have the ability to enter a monthly shading percentage for each month of the year. You'll notice that the monthly kWh production coming from PVWatts2 is automatically shown. Enter a shading percentage for any of the months listed, and the Platform will automatically change the "Shade-adjusted production (kWh)" number to factor in the shading percentage you entered.

Of course, any shading adjustment you made will automatically be updated in the proposal you're reviewing when you click the "Regenerate Proposal" button on the Change form.

Note that if you enter a yearly shading amount, you won't be able to edit any of the monthly amounts, but if you enter any monthly amount, you can still override the monthly shading amount by entering a yearly shading percentage.

Another small improvement to the Modsolar Platform to make your quoting as easy, fast, and accurate as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us, we're always here to help you!

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