Earlier this week we put a couple of small but really interesting new features into the MODsolar Platform.

The proposal generation process in the MODsolar Platform is centered around the idea that you'll want to maximize system size to roof area when designing a solar system. But in reality, there are a number of different goals that your customers have when investigating a solar system. Whether it's to step down in tiers if you're in California, maximize local generation in Massachusetts, or maximize the impact of an incentive in New York, your proposal generation tool should help you achieve that goal.

We've added two small but important changes to the panel layout page so that you can better evaluate the goal you're seeking. We've added "% Solar" to the panel layout solutions on the panel layout page -- this tells you how much the PV system will produce from solar as a percentage of the customer's annual usage. Here's what this looks like:


Percentage of energy from solar versus grid


The value of this small change is that it will enable you to spec a system tailored to your customer's particular need, including:

  1. Not over 100% usage - ensure that you don't have a system that will over-produce in areas where there's no energy buy-back
  2. Maximize an incentive - use multi-panel delete to delete panels as needed to ensure compliance with a particular incentive
  3. Step-down tiers - delete panels until a PV system produces only as much as you need to, to reduce grid consumption to step down in tiers as needed

As you can see, this small change is quite powerful, and will help you better serve your customers' needs.

In addition to this percent from solar measure, we've also added a series of small items:

  • Loans are now fully implemented - so you can quote leases/loans/PPA's fully as you need
  • We've made an adjustment to the lifetime graph and lifetime calculation to add back 5-year depreciation depending on the tax rate you select on the incentives page
  • A couple of small additions to the standard proposal - adding the mount type as well as clarifying the kWh produced by adding the unit label to kWh

Just a few more improvements as we continue to make the MODsolar Platform as flexible and robust as you need it! Of course please contact us at any time should you have any questions, comments, or feedback!

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