Not sure how many of you saw the news last week about Google funding $280 MM in Solar PPA's through Solar City.  This is a major milestone for the industry and should not be ignored.  In renewables, Google has a history of blazing the trail, from eco-friendly data centers to undersea cabling for future offshore wind development.  While they are still in the vanguard, they're showing that investment in renewables as financing vehicles can be a broader, larger reality for investors in many areas; it's a very interesting development.

This of course brings up the increasing role financing plays in renewables, due to the relatively large price tag for most PV systems and their (for now) long payback time.  If you're not already thinking about how financing can help your solar business, you should start, because increasingly it's an option that home and business owners want.  You'll see a lot of activity on this in the coming months.

The most interesting thing to me is how energy in our modern economy has become intertwined with finance.  From the dark days of Enron, to the bright days solar is experiencing today, the more we think about energy and finance in the same context, the more success we will have in bringing about the growth of our industry through more installations.  It seems a natural fit, given how much we rely upon energy in just about every facet of our modern lives; and for those in the industry, there's a lot of opportunity there.  More on that later...

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