For some time, MODsolar has positioned itself as the most sophisticated sales, marketing & system design tool in the solar industry.  Today we extend that sophistication in a number of critical ways, specifically engineered for larger organizations.

As the solar industry has grown at a rapid pace over the last few years and has been one of the key sources of job creation in the US economy, the companies operating in our industry have grown along with it - in many cases becoming multi-office, multi-state organizations.  Of course, like a lot of industries with rapid growth, the tools that a geographically diverse organization needs for sales, marketing & design haven't necessarily caught up.

That changes today.

The MODsolar Platform's multi-office solution answers the call for more control over a distributed sales process than we have today in our industry.  Companies can get the same great, easy to use proposal generation and system design capabilities that have made MODsolar well known in our industry, but with an extra layer of features specifically engineered for multi-office companies.  Some of these features include:

  • Segmentation of leads by each of your offices such that only installers from each office can see their own leads, and not the leads of other installers
  • Reporting & management of leads at the inter- or intra-office level
  • Sub-office creation at any time
  • The ability for all central office users/administrators to "act as if" one of your offices, for complete control
  • Summary information about your sub-offices' proposals and full access to their information & quotes
  • The ability to restrict materials, prices, and settings of your sub-offices, if you so choose; you may also give them control as needed

Of course, the key is the ability for a centralized office to have the information they need, at their fingertips, about what their remote offices are doing.  ModSolar continues its commitment to develop software and tools that make installers' lives easier, and today we extend that into larger installation companies with multiple offices.

Please contact us with further questions or to inquire about pricing.

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