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It's hip to be SQUARE!

November 20, 2011 at 6:18 PM | 0 Comments

Rosi here again with another update. I told you we'd be continuing to enhance the platform; we think you're going to love these new features -- they improve panel layout accuracy AND make your life easier!

For ground mounted PV systems, flat roofs, and even some sloped roofs, what you often want to draw is a "squared up" region -- a rectangle that has four precise 90 degree angles. A perfect rectangle has opposite sides that are parallel to each other; when our exclusive panel payout technology "fills the box" with panels, perfectly parallel sides will prevent the last row from becoming "clipped" -- where the last couple of panels are not able to fit in the row because the last edge is just not quite "square" at the corner. When that has happened, you've literally had to go back to the drawing board, to adjust the shape and refill it with panels.

Until now.

Introducing: "Square-Up" -- a mode you can select when you've drawn a region with exactly 4 points. Click the "Square-Up" button and the region is automatically redrawn with 4 perfect right angles (a perfect rectangle). And it will STAY a perfect rectangle when you drag a corner to change the size. We've even given you the ability to rotate the rectangle to align it with the orientation of the roof.

And speaking of the roof . . . sometimes there's a chimney, an HVAC unit, or some other pesky obstruction in the way, and you need to make sure no panels are laid out in those specific locations. Once the optimal layout has been chosen you can click an individual panel to delete it form a layout. But it's been difficult to know where those obstructions are; although you've been looking down on the roof from the sky like Superman, you haven't had Superman's "X-ray vision" -- you couldn't see through the panels.

Until now.

Introducing: "See-through panels" -- a checkbox on the Panel Layout page that makes the panels appear transparent, so you can see what's beneath them, in order to delete the ones that are positioned on or near roof obstructions.

We’ll continue to offer improvements and new features like these, and we hope that you'll continue to provide us with feedback and suggestions. Remember: OUR goal is to make YOUR proposal generation and system design process more efficient, and YOUR business more successful.

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