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Kyocera Chooses MODsolar

October 21, 2012 at 2:41 PM | 0 Comments

Today we are excited to announce that Kyocera Solar has chosen Modsolar for its dealer network and for its web-based lead generation and distribution.

Kyocera is deploying the MODsolar Platform Enterprise (multi-office) edition within its existing dealer network, so that Kyocera Solar dealers can now use the power of the MODsolar Platform, and their favorite Kyocera panels, to design PV systems and generate quotes using the power and functionality that the Platform provides. It's a win-win for Kyocera and their customers, and adds to the expanding services offered to Kyocera dealers, on top of great Kyocera product.

In addition to deploying the Enterprise edition within their dealer network, Kyocera is also using MODsolar's lead generation (estimating) widget, to generate consumer leads. This widget is currently on Kyocera's website being used by home and business owners around the country to estimate how much they can save and make by going solar. You can see examples of it here, and here.

And of course, the widget is integrated into Kyocera's MODsolar Platform, so when a home or business owner generates a quote, that lead is automatically deposited into Kyocera's My Leads page on the MODsolar Platform. Even better, since Kyocera distributes these leads to their dealers, they can simply reassign the lead to a dealer, so a dealer has a fresh lead to go out and design, propose, and close the deal!

If you're a manufacturer and looking for a solution to help with lead generation and distribution to your dealers, look no further! Contact us at any time to discuss how MODsolar can help you, as we build the technology platform for the solar industry.

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