We did a small update to the platform today giving a piece of functionality that's been asked for by a number of folks since we launched the Beta Release 1 last week. When you've clicked on a lead and want to see the proposal(s) you created without cloning them, now you can just click on the link (example "10.0 KW ground mount") and the PDF of the proposal will open up in whatever your browser's preferred PDF viewing method is. Here's an image of where it can be found:

link_to_pdf1 Link to the proposal


And as we continue to blog, as promised we'll also post platform update items here, including small and large additions like this, so you can stay up-to-date on what we're doing and quickly take advantage of small items.  To that end, we've added an RSS feed for those of you that use RSS readers, and soon we'll also add a twitter feed for those of you addicted to tweeting!

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