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Lots of updates...

May 16, 2012 at 7:23 AM | 0 Comments

Today we've rolled out a series of changes to the Platform in a bunch of different areas. Some of these changes are bigger than ever, but they all point to improved usability and functioning of the MODsolar Platform. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Save regions & layouts - previously, when you did a clone of a proposal, the panel layout on the picture of the property was just an image, and if you changed any details and regenerated the proposal, it disappeared. Now we've implemented the ability for the Platform to save the details of the layout you choose, so that when you clone the proposal, the layout is still on the map image of the property! Additionally, the regions you drew on the map page are also being saved. This is just the FIRST enhancement in this area; stay tuned, because next, we'll be doing a major revamp in the proposal generation flow to automatically save ALL work in progress regardless of where you are to make sure you don't lose anything!
  2. Panel tilt angle for a ground mount - we've improved ground-mounts to allow you to set a tilt angle. The ground mount tilt angle will use the default tilt angle - if set by your administrator in settings - or if blank will be set to the latitude of the property location, but can be over-riden.
  3. Save individual lease & PPA details - in the ModSolar Platform your financing programs have default settings, but then you can edit these settings each time you generate a lease or PPA proposal. Now those individual changes you've made are saved such that they're there for you to edit when you clone that proposal.
  4. Prepaid lease - you can now quote a prepaid lease in the ModSolar Platform - on the Incentives & Financing screen, simply override the monthly payment number to zero and specify whatever prepaid amount your leasing tool gives you. The Platform will present the summary table at the top of page 1 of the proposal with the prepaid amount and it's also reflected in the lifetime graph at the top right of page 2.
  5. Longer end notes - we've removed the restriction of 256 characters for end notes, the size is now 2,000 characters.

We've also fixed a number of bugs or other smaller issues:

  1. On the proposal, in the "The Good You'll Be Doing" section, we've made the font size of the numbers smaller, so that they better accomodate larger PV systems.
  2. On the My Leads page, in the date filter, the date filter wasn't correctly including the last date entered in the filter criteria - it's now doing that properly.
  3. Lease/PPA proposals weren't correctly applying tiered utility rates to the lifetime graph; that has been fixed.

Whew! That's certainly a long list! There's more good stuff coming in short order -- so stay tuned to this blog and of course, contact us at any time if you'd like more information about these or any other features of the MODsolar Platform!

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