Today, ModSolar takes another major step forward in developing the most sophisticated software platform in the solar industry, creating a solution for you that is not only the fastest proposal generator in the industry, but also the easiest to use.

We have implemented a new incentives architecture that will allow you to select, create, use, and manage your incentives much much easier. Previously, all federal and state-level incentives were in the ModSolar Platform automatically (an unconditionally), but any municipal, county, or utilty incentives had to be entered each time a proposal was created.

Today that all ends. We have created an architecture that allows you to build up a library of incentives you use over time, and to have the ability to turn them on and off globally for all of your users, or to turn them on or off at the individual proposal level.

Of course the incentive calculation is done automatically for you regardless of the incentive, so you can now free your users from having to know how an individual incentive is calculated. For a fast growing industry like ours, this ability will give you a tool that can scale as you scale your salesforce.

The main change you will see will be in the Incentives screen (after the Lay Out Panels or Select a Panel screen). The Incentives screen has been re-designed to be easier to use as well as more powerful, with the ability to:

  • Turn individual incentives on or off
  • Create "adders" for items you want to list seperately from the basic labor and materials cost., e.g. permits, high roof pitch cost, monitoring, etc.
  • Create "discounts" for items you want to have substracted after labor and materials and adders have been totaled

One of the key improvements is that when you make any changes to adders, discounts, or incentives, the calculations on the page update automatically, so that you always know what the final net cost will be before you proceed to the proposal generation page. And now, you can even change the price per watt on this screen, and see all of the calculated values change. You instantly know where you stand, and you have the best shot at pitching the cost of a PV system in a way that your prospect will appreciate and find favorable.

Finally, the incentive calculations page in the settings area (for those of you that are administrators on your acccounts) has been completely redesigned to be more powerful - giving you the ability to turn incentives on and off globally, to specify the incentive calculation order, to create new incentives yourself, and most importantly, to give the incentives user-friendly labels both internally for your team, as well as how those incentives will appear on your proposal.

For existing customers, please take a few minutes to review this training video, showing you the various features in this major upgrade.

Remember training is included in your monthly license, so if you'd like to schedule a training session with your existing team on these new features, please give our support line a call any time, we'd be happy to conduct a session at your convenience.

For new customers, please give us a call or contact us so that we may show you the power of this upgrade.

As always, we're very happy to have you as a customer of ModSolar and we're always here for any feedback, questions or help you need!

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