Marking a proposal as ‘PREFERRED’

September 21, 2016 MODsolar Admin

Today we added a new feature (based on a suggestion from an installer) — marking a proposal as “Preferred.”

Sometimes, you’ll have a need to create multiple proposals for a lead. Perhaps you’re presenting different options for solar module arrays, different financing options, etc. Although you have always been able to easily type a name for each proposal, one installer suggested that it would be more convenient if he could easily tag one of the proposals as the “Preferred” one.

So that’s exactly what we added.

Now, when you have multiple proposals for a lead, you’ll see a hollow gray star next to each proposal’s name (between the % complete indicator and the name). See the example below.

Click one of the stars, and it turns yellow, indicating that it is the preferred proposal. Clicking a different star changes that proposal to the preferred one — only one proposal is the preferred one, for a given lead. (And if you click the yellow star, it toggles the preferred status off.)

We think you’ll like this new feature. We’re particularly excited about it because it came from an installer suggestion. Keep those ideas coming!