Mix flat and sloped-roof arrays in a single proposal

January 6, 2014 MODsolar Admin

A new feature of the ModSolar platform allows you to mix mounting types in a single proposal. We call this feature “per-region settings.” It lets you specify the mounting type (sloped roof, flat roof, or ground mount) for each “region” (the outline you draw to show where panels should go).

You already had the ability to have multiple regions (for example, when an installation consists of two arrays of panels, one on the house and one on the garage). But now, each region can each have its own type of mounting.

To accommodate this new feature, we have done a slight rearrangement of the Regions section of the Proposal Settings interface. Previously, you specified the mounting method using a drop-down at the top of the Regions section, before the details for any region. With this change, each region has its own drop-down, as shown in the illustration below.

mount type by region 1-6-14

You will notice another adjustment in each part of the Regions pane that corresponds to a given region. If  you select Sloped Roof for the region, you get a slider that allows you to adjust the slope for that region only. That slider will not be present if you choose Flat Roof.


When you move to the Panel Layout step, you will see the Mount Type choices you made for the various regions reflected there as well, as shown below. 

mount type in layout pane 1-6-14 


If you select either Flat Roof or Ground Mount, you can specify the panel tilt (or specify that the latitude should be used).  Furthermore, each flat-roof or ground-mount region will provide the option to auto-calculate inter-row spacing (to avoid shading of one row of panels by another).

If you select Flat Roof for any regions, each of those regions will offer the option (applying to that region only) to use the appropriate panel spacing for the Ecofoot 2 flat-roof mounting hardware from Ecolibrium.

And there’s an additional brand new feature at the Panel Lay Out step: the Panel Layout pane now includes a “Show region borders” checkbox. Clicking this will draw a gray border around each region, corresponding to what was drawn by the user when defining the regions. The user can click a region number in the Panel Layout pane, and the region border of that (selected) region will be shown in orange on the image, rather than gray. And, for each region, if setbacks were specified, the “inner borders” (with setbacks applied) will be drawn in black.

Of course, your final proposal will also reflect the fact that there is a mixture of mounting types:

 mixed mounts in proposal 1-6-14

With the flexibility to mix mounting types in this way, you can now create a single proposal that replaces what would have been two (or even three) separate proposals in the past.


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