Ecolibrium Solar and ModSolar announce a partnership to create the industry's first visual racking layout tool. Today Ecolibrium Solar & MODsolar announce a partnership to create the solar industry’s first visual racking layout tool to easily and automatically produce a racking materials list directly from a panel layout on the MODsolar Platform. This tool will be displayed at Ecolibrium Solar’s booth 1369 at Solar Power International in Orlando, Florida from September 11 – 13, 2012.

Ecolibrium and MODsolar will collaborate to automate the quoting and materials specification process for a PV system design for a solar project that seeks to use Ecolibrium’s Ecofoot 2 flat roof mounting system. From either Ecolibrium’s website or from inside the MODsolar Platform, PV system designers can create a panel layout using MODsolar’s patent pending panel layout technology, and instantly get a full, accurate, and easy to understand materials list from Ecolibrium for that project, complete with costs and shipping information.

The MODsolar Platform has the unique ability to give a full and accurate specification of the materials that make up a mounting system for a given PV system because its panel layout technology can be configured to conform to the spacing and layout requirements of the mounting system that will be used. The custom sizing algorithm for the Ecofoot 2 mounting system scans the PV system layout and can determine what material is needed for the Ecofoot 2 mounting system for any given flat roof panel layout, regardless of complexity.

Keep a look out for other functionality that will extend this capability in the months ahead - and if you have a favorite racking system that you'd love to be able to get automated quotes on the MODsolar Platform from - please have your racking company contact us.

You can read the press release here.

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