Philadelphia, PA (November 8, 2017) -- MODsolar, LLC., creator of the solar industry's first open platform for visually designing PV systems and creating proposals, is re-launching this week, announcing a change in ownership and a refocused mission on creating simple tools that help solar installers.

Mike Dershowitz is now the sole managing owner of MODsolar, LLC. and Rosemarie Caponi leads the team as General Manager of the company. Kevin Ilsen, the former minority partner and CTO, divested of MODsolar and exited the company in June of this year.

Along with the change in ownership, the company's strategic direction also shifted its focus on helping local solar companies. MODsolar is more committed than ever to help smaller installers gain quicker and wider traction in the solar industry, and increasing adoption of solar technologies in cities and communities across the United States.

"Largely, we are getting back to our roots going back to 2011. We'll no longer chase the largest solar companies in the market, who relied on financial engineering to grow - we all know how that turned out. Instead, we'll continue to produce a high-quality tool that reduces the solar sales design, estimating and contracting process to its simplest and easiest form. We are returning to serving the real strength of the residential solar market - the local installer." Said Mike Dershowitz, CEO and owner of MODsolar.

"This represents the Platform's core purpose: to shorten the sales process and produce a proposal with a few clicks," said Rosi Caponi, MODsolar's general manager. "Of course, the impassioned support that we've always provided is still there, going strong, of which I'm very proud. But now, we'll be adding useful content for solar installers, plumbed from our 7 years in the industry, highlighting the many benefits of going solar and how solar companies can be agents of change in the community."

MODsolar's website is still found at modsolar.net, the company's online portal for more than five years. The MODsolar platform has been at this same home where they have been helping solar companies design solar arrays and create their sales proposals without going through the usual time-consuming steps. The company continues to provide excellent customer service, assurance for speedy delivery of proposals, and simplicity in design and function for their pioneering platform.

NOTE: The PDF version of this press release can be found here.

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