We're releasing a few small upgrades today designed to help you navigate your "My Leads" page better, give you more freedom with your data, and also allow you to better control the "Out of Pocket" numbers on your proposals.

More filtering & now download your data

On the My Leads page, you now have a new filter option - filter by date - where you can specify custom dates to filter your leads by:



New Filters


In this space on the My Leads page, you can also now download your lead & proposal information. The "Download Data" link will take all lead and proposal information currently shown on the My Leads page and download it to an excel spreadsheet for you. The "Download Proposals" link will download all PDF proposals for all leads currently shown on the page and group them into a zip file you can then save.

Additional incentives can now be included in a proposal

We've had a lot of requests for this one - with this new feature on the Usage page, you can specify an additional incentive or any other amount that you want subtracted from the total system cost on your proposals, and that amount, in addition to state and federal incentives, will be subtracted from the total system cost to arrive at a new, lower, out-of-pocket cost. Here's where you add the label for this additional incentive and the amount:



After you've entered this label and the amount, you'll then see it appear in the total system cost block at the top left of page 1 of your PDF proposal:



As you can see this is very powerful. Since we're implementing this feature at your suggestion, here are some of ways in which this can be used:

  1. For a local incentive, whether that's local township or a local utility
  2. When you want to show the property value increase and factor that into the total system cost
  3. When you want to offer some type of discount, etc.


I'm sure there are a hundred other uses you'll think of! So have at it, and of course we're always here if you have any questions.

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