Today we released an improvement to the MODsolar Platform that will give you much more precision in the energy savings calculations on your proposals.  You now have the ability to enter monthly usage detail for each property you're quoting.

On the "Name/Address/Usage" page - the first page of the proposal generation process - you can click the "Enter Monthly Amounts" link in the Current Usage box, as shown below:

screen shot of monthly usage - collapsed

Once you click the "Enter Monthly Amounts" link, you'll see a new, expanded Current Usage box that will allow you to enter each month's usage:

screen shot of monthly usage expanded


Simply enter an amont in kWh per month for each month of the year.  Once you do that, those numbers will carry forward and match with the monthly production numbers produced from PVWatts2 (which MODsolar integrates with automatically).  On the top left of page 2 on the proposal, the monthly production chart will become much more precise matching exact monthly production numbers from the PV system with the monthly usage numbers of the property you're quoting:

screen shot of monthly cost calculation

Once you enter one monthly number, you'll need to enter them all.  Also, you can enter either a Total Yearly kWh or Monthly amounts, but not both.

Just one more small improvement to make the MODsolar Platform even better, more accurate, and more powerful for you!  Please contact us or let us know if we can be of any help.

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