Navigate your proposal previews with the new thumbnail feature

December 1, 2014 MODsolar Admin

We’ve recently added several features to simplify your life as a MODsolar user. Some are subtle enough that you might not even notice them, but one stands out: thumbnail-based navigation of proposal previews.

Previously, when you previewed a completed proposal, there was no way to get a broad overview. You simply scrolled down from the top to whatever pages you were interested in. That was adequate in most cases, but if your company is one that uses particularly long proposals (8 or 10 pages, for example), checking the finished proposals could get tedious.

Now, the process has been simplified. When you first preview a proposal, you see a set of page thumbnails.

In some cases, the thumbnails might be all you need. But if there is a specific page you want to check, you just click on the thumbnail, and that page is displayed. This is a scrolling view, so you can easily check nearby pages. To get back to the thumbnail view, click the message at the top of the window.

While thumbnails are the most obvious change you’ll notice, there are several others that will streamline your proposal process. For example, the behavior of the “accordion” (the proposal settings area marked by a gear at the right) has been improved. When you are on the Draw Areas page, and you are designing a system on two different roof areas, the accordion will show you the parameters for the second area as soon as you start to create it. Previously, you had to scroll down to those parameters. Similarly, the directional buttons at the bottom of the page have been simplified. Descriptions such as “Draw Areas” are gone, replaced by a simple “Next.”

These are small changes, to be sure, but helpful. And if you look carefully, you’ll see several other subtle improvements we’ve made. We’re always trying to improve the MODsolar platform, and we welcome your suggestions for other improvements you would like to see.