We've had a busy several weeks! Lots of new features, services and here's another one that we think will perk up your ears.

Everyone in the industry knows the value of SRECs as a huge incentive to property owners. Those states that have adopted a structured SREC system have seen the benefits and the property owners have reaped the rewards (as have the utility companies, although perhaps begrudgingly).

We're thrilled to say that we've teamed up with Marex Spectron (one the biggest powerhouse brokerages of energy commodities in the world!) to provide a one-of-a-kind MODsolar service. Our new SREC service is based on volume. Meaning, we aggregate all of our clients' SRECs in each state and in exchange for that volume, Marex Spectron is happy to offer a better sale price. Our list of clients (and their customers) is extensive and growing daily which means that as time goes on, our ability to get better pricing will only ever increase.

Plus, we take care of the transaction for you, along with the superior services of Marex Spectron, so that the process is so much simpler for you as a MODsolar client. That direct connection we have with Marex Spectrum is key for completing the transaction as efficiently as possible so that the funds are dispersed to your quickly. You get the fun part of telling the property owner how much you're putting in their pocket. It's our hope, too, that this new ModSolar service will have the added benefit of strengthening your relationship with all your customers because long-lasting relationships have a lot of rewards.

For more information, call us at 877.351.0258 option 1.

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