Everyone has been working tirelessly to create this one, so we’re incredibly excited to say that it’s ready for prime time.

Now you can create lease, loan and PPA proposals directly in the MODsolar Platform. All the same features you love when building cash-based proposals, like the panel layout interface, saving, cloning, are utilized by the new financing option so that you can feel just as confident that the calculations are accurate. All the federal and state incentives are also applied automatically.

What we think is of really great value is the ability for you to present a customer with ONE visually compelling presentation for ALL of their buying options, regardless of the financing company.

Got that? ALL your proposals, whether cash, lease, loan or PPA, will be structured in the same way (a simple 3-page document for each) that explains the purchasing details in the MOST meaningful way to your customer.

Until now, you’ve had to rely on quoting systems from the finance companies as part of your selling pitch, right? Unfortunately, each financing company has its own (antiquated) system so that the proposals look different one to another and they all generate page after page of useless information which only serves to confuse the customer at a point in the sales conversation when they need things to be crystal clear.

What we all know is that when a customer is clear on their financial obligations, they can make their decision more quickly and without remorse.

Because of this, we’ve constructed the system to allow you to change the numbers on the fly so that together, you and your customer can adjust the figures to dynamically generate a payment outcome that works best for them. This gives them the chance to determine exactly what their monthly payments are BEFORE filling out a finance application.

We think that’s huge. Hopefully, you’ll agree.

Remember, you still have the MODsolar iPad, iPhone and Android apps that help support you in the field.

If you’re not yet a customer, please give us a call or contact us so that we can give you the big picture of how our system will benefit your business.

If you need any training, please contact us so that we can schedule a session with you.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and, as always, we look forward to your feedback.

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