New Feature for Commercial Proposals: Peak Demand

September 4, 2013 MODsolar Admin

Commercial electric bills are different than residential in that they are based on two factors, usage and peak demand. Peak demand is what is used to recognize the times when electricity demand is the highest. Maybe these surges happen during a quarterly equipment test, or perhaps it’s just when the computers boot up every morning. Either way, these variations in usage can have a major impact on one’s electric bill.

The ModSolar Platform now takes into account both total monthly kWh for properties as well a peak demand per month. The new Peak Demand feature ensures that your commercial PV system proposals will reflect your customers’ actual electric bills with drastically improved accuracy.

You can insert Peak Demand values two ways:

1. On the Name/Address/Usage page

When you choose a commercial lead type, you’ll notice a new option next to “Current Usage” called Demand. You may enter a value here to apply to every month, or you may select Enter Monthly Amounts to use a unique value for each month for even greater accuracy.

Peak Demand Name/Address/Usage Peak Demand Name/Address/Usage Expanded

2. On the Map page

You may also enter Peak Demand under Current Usage on the Proposal Settings accordion. Once again, simply enter one value to represent every month, or select Enter Monthly Amounts to calculate the proposal with different values for each month.

Peak Demand Proposal SettingsPeak Demand Proposal Settings Expanded

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