New Feature: Proposal Details Popup

January 13, 2016 wp_ms_admin

After launching the MODsolar Platform’s latest feature (Upload Document), we’ve introduced another enhancement on the Lead Details page.

This new feature allows you to see the details and what is inside of each proposal without the need to open it. This will not only save time but will also make it easier for you to locate which proposal you are looking for.

On the Lead Details page, you can see a list of all the proposals created under a specific lead. Each proposal is indicated by a progress bar and proposal name. See the screenshot below.


If you hover over the proposal name, a popup box will appear which contains details of the proposal.


The information includes key details about the proposed system, including the system size (in DC kW), the first year production (in AC kWh, with adjustments already applied for shading), the annual electricity usage (in AC kWh), and the % of usage that will be replaced by solar the first year. The proposed panel and inverter models are also included, along with the quantity of each. Finally, the selected financing option(s) and the chosen proposal template are shown. (Note that depending on the completion state of the proposal, some of the information might not be known, in which case it will be blank.)


This new feature is designed to help you work faster and easier – especially for pending or incomplete proposals.