New Feature: Upload documents and attach them to emails

December 30, 2015 MODsolar Admin

MODsolar is pleased to announce this exciting new feature, which allows you to upload documents for a lead, and then attach any of those documents to the email that you send with the generated proposal.

The newly designed Lead Details page has been enhanced to include uploaded documents as well as generated proposals. In the example screenshot below, notice the new “Upload Document” button (right below the “New Proposal” button):


Click the “Upload Document” button to reveal a prompt where you can choose a document to upload, and give it a name.


Clicking the “Browse” button will allow you to navigate among the files on your computer and choose one to upload. You can type in a descriptive name, as well.


Once you’ve uploaded documents for the lead, they will appear in the list, along with the generated proposals.


Notice that a different icon is used to denote an uploaded document (as opposed to a generated proposal); the icon includes an up-facing arrow. Also, the details include the user who uploaded the document, and the original file name.

When you finish a proposal and are ready to email it to your customer, the Email page now includes a list of all of the documents that have been uploaded for the lead.


Notice the new “Documents to Send” section on the right: the current proposal is automatically pre-selected, and you can select any of the other documents that have already been uploaded for the lead. All selected items will be attached to the email. (You can also upload a new document right from this screen, so that you don’t need to go back to the Lead Details page.)

One more thing . . . back on the Lead Details page, hovering over an uploaded document will reveal links you can click to act on the document. You can change the display name, download the document, and delete it.