This weekend we added some exciting new features to the MODsolar Platform, relating to the automatic generation of panel layouts. Although all of our users will find these new features useful, they'll be particularly valuable when you're designing very large PV systems.

Previously, when you reached the Lay Out Panels step, the MODsolar Platform would automatically generate panel layouts for every one of your defined panels. Thus, if your administrator had set up 3, 6, 10, or even more different panels (different manufacturers and models), you'd have to wait for layouts to be generated for ALL of them. For large PV systems -- consisting of a large roof or ground region, or perhaps several medium-sized regions -- this could take a bit of time. Even if you knew which panel make and model you were planning to use, or if you knew there were certain models you specifically would NOT consider for this design, you were still forced to wait while ALL of the layouts were generated.

We've made a change to put the control in YOUR hands, with respect to which panel layouts are generated. Now, when you reach the Lay Out Panels step, the MODsolar Platform will automatically generate panel layouts for your PREFERRED panel. The other panels will still be listed, but layouts will not be generated, as shown in the example screenshot below.

Buttons for on-demand panel layout generation


To generate layouts for the other panels, just click the "Generate Layout" button for each panel you're interested in. Your selected panels will be "remembered" for that proposal, whenever you return to that step (even if you Edit that proposal from the "My Leads" page at a later time).

The other enhancement to the Lay Out Panels step involves the ability to adjust the aerial image so that it is properly scaled and centered. The white rectangle that overlays the image serves as a visual guide so that you can see the portion of the image that will appear in the final proposal. Sometimes, when you arrive at this step, the image is not properly scaled, or it needs to be scrolled/panned so that the property is centered. An example appears below.

Image needing adjustment


While you previously had to go back to the prior step (mapping the region(s)) to make these adjustments, you can now do it right from the Lay Out Panels step. We've added controls on the left side of the image for changing the zoom factor (the +/- and vertical slider), as well as for panning the image up, down, left, or right (the circle with the four directional arrows). Using these controls, you can adjust the image so that the property and the layouts are properly centered, as in the example below.

Corrected image


We hope you enjoy these new enhancements to the Lay Out Panels step. We'll continue to make improvements to the MODsolar Platform, and to add new features, to help you design, propose, and close more business.

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