Here at MODsolar, we're constantly looking for ways to innovate in the areas of solar sales & marketing in order to help you and the industry achieve its ultimate goals. Since the MODsolar proposal generation process is one of the fastest and easiest to use anywhere in the solar industry, it only made sense to extend and simplify this technology further so that it can be used by consumers and business owners curious about purchasing a solar system from you.

How It Works

We’ve created a Lead Generation Widget that you can embed on your website. This widget is a slimmed down version of our existing proposal generation process that is simpler and takes into account good lead generation practices on the web. The widget takes your prospect through four simple steps:

  1. Enter property address (not contact name) and monthly average dollars spent on electricity
  2. Map the system on their roof
  3. Enter their name, phone & email (not address – the widget has that already by this point) AND see the PV system designed on their house side-by-side with the request for their contact info
  4. Review the proposal and respond to a call to action you provide — or tell them that someone will be in contact with them soon

And that’s it! 4 simple steps to a proposal. Once your prospect has created their proposal, the lead will automatically appear on your My Leads page in a different color to indicate that it needs to be worked on, and an email will then be sent to a member of your team notifying them that a new lead has been submitted.

Customer Acquisition Intelligence

In addition to a great process, we’ve incorporate lots of customer acquisition and marketing intelligence into this widget as compared to our existing proposal generation flow. Specifically, most customer acquisition processes on the web follow a core path: setup the value – do the task – give some info, see some value – receive the payoff for doing the task. As you can see from the steps listed above, the process was reduced to as few steps as possible and structured to take your prospect through the 4 steps of lead acquisition optimally.

It is important that we not only give you a great, simple process for getting a real quote in the hands of prospects, but also that we fashioned the acquisition process optimally so that abandonments through the process would be as low as possible.

The combination of our software expertise and our web acquisitions expertise translates into one killer extension to the MODsolar Platform, now for your use! And the process to implement itself is quite flexible - simply hook us up with whoever is currently responsible for your website, and with some text customizations from you, we can have the widget on your website in less than a week!

Contact MODsolar to find out how to get this widget on your website! Of course, we are always here for any comments, questions, or feedback!

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