New ModSolar features for easier default settings and more accurate proposals

July 22, 2014 MODsolar Admin

Several new features in the ModSolar Platform let you produce proposals that are more accurate than ever (thanks to component-level derate factors), while at the same time making it easier to configure your default settings for panels and inverters.

When you go into the Settings area to add a new panel model to those available for proposals, you can now select the manufacturer from a drop-down list of all the panel manufacturers, and then the specific model from a drop-down list of that company’s models.

There is a similar process for adding inverters, and the inverters you configure as defaults in this way will now be the only ones that are presented to users when they produce panel layouts.

Not only is adding default equipment simplified, information about that equipment (such as the power rating and area of a panel) is filled in automatically. We pick up this information from the California Solar Initiative (CSI), which is the authoritative source for information about solar components.

In addition, you can now add default derate factors for each panel and inverter model. The derate factors are used for production calculations. Previously, you had to manually enter a derate factor for the entire system. You can still do it that way, but it’s easier to let the system calculate it for you, based on the derate factors for each of the components.

With these changes, the whole process of adding panels and inverters has been made quicker and less subject to human error. And if you make use of the component-level derate values, your proposals will be more accurate as well. 

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