Let's be honest. We're all trying to build our businesses. It's about making more than we spend and MODsolar is no different. But, I believe all of us first got into the solar business because we're committed to the environmentally and socially responsible goals of the Solar Industry. This is what drives MODsolar every day to make our product the best it can be and to get it into the hands of every Installer because these are the guys who are responsible every day for moving solar energy those final yards to the finish line.

This is EXACTLY why we've just launched the MODsolar QuickPro service. This new service lets you benefit immediately from the MODsolar Platform while taking the chore of creating proposals off your shoulders and onto ours. Use our service as much or as little as you need to. You pay the same rate regardless of frequency. No minimums. No commitment. Plus, you pay based on the property not by the number of quotes you ultimately need to close that one deal.

All you need to do is call and ask for a quote to get the process started. Provide us with your project information and location, and within 1 business day you'll have your proposal.

Here's the other thing: Our proposal professionals have actual industry experience. They are here, working alongside the rest of us at MODsolar (not in some other part of the world). They really know what they're doing and will help ensure that your proposals are complete, accurate and ready for you to send to the customer.

Just another way that we want to show our commitment to you. Call us at 610-572-2555, extension 103.

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