Today we add two features to the MODsolar Platform that will continue to improve the accuracy of your proposals in California and other states with tiered utility rates.

You will now be able to create your own library of tiered utility rates in the MODsolar Platform, and have those rates applied at the time of generating a proposal; this is instead of having one rate that was an average of any tiered rate system that might exist in the states in which you're doing business.

We've added a new page to the settings area (for administrators) called "Utility Rates." Here you can add a utility rate (tiered or single rate), create a user-friendly label for the rate (instead of the cryptic ones the national utility rate data bases use), specify if it's a single rate or tiered, set the sector(s) to which this rate applies (Residential, Commercial, Municipal), and even put a note in for your sales force to ensure they select the right rate for the right circumstance. You can have as many rates per state as you need, and there's an overall default global rate in case you didn't have a chance to create utility rates for specific states and sectors.

Once in the proposal generation flow, on the proposal review page, there's a new tab in the "Change" button called "Utility Rates." Here the Platform will do a filter for you by state and sector, to ensure you see only the applicable rates for the current proposal. Choose whichever rate makes sense and regenerate your proposal - then the utility rate for this area will be calculated correctly, by month, to the "Yearly electric bill pre-solar," and you'll see a pretty big difference on page 2 top-left of your proposals - the monthly electric bill graph. Finally, you can enter a rate manually at this step as well, if your administrator hasn't had a chance to set up a rate or if you're working in a new area that hasn't had rates set up.

We've prepared a quick video to show you this new functionality, please view it here.


The second feature added today is specifically for installers doing business in California. MODsolar has integrated with the California Solar Initiatives (CSI) website so that you will no longer have to do double entry from the CSI site to the MODsolar Platform. When you're doing a PV system for a California customer, CSI will always and automatically show up on the incentive page, just below the federal incentive:

California Solar Initiative - incentives page


When you click on "Recalculate this," a new pop-up appears, asking you to specify the information required by CSI in order to give you your incentive amount:

California Solar Initiative  - pop-up settings for CSI


Once you fill in all of the required information and click "Calculate Rebate" the Platform will communicate with the CSI website to return a rebate amount, which will automatically appear in the CSI Rebate amount area. Note that any information that the ModSolar Platform has and the CSI website needs to calculate the rebate (such as system size, tilt, azimuth, etc.) will be automatically passed to the CSI website behind the scenes.

We've prepared a quick video to show you this new functionality:


We know that those of you working in California and any other states with tiered utility rates will appreciate these new features as yet one more thing MODsolar is doing to make your work easier, more efficient, and of course help you close more deals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions, comments, or feedback you might have. We're always here for you!

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