Nine Solar Myths to Bust!

April 2, 2018 Roma Gonzales

Solar energy has always been around since the dawn of the Earth, and yet we’re only trying to grasp how beneficial it could be for our species and the planet as a whole. Even with our current technology, we are still discovering how to unleash its full potential. Nonetheless, watch or read the international news and you’ll see how much of this is true:  solar energy is the future.

In anticipation of the bright years to come, we have to do our share in convincing people to “Go Solar for Good.” Here are the top ten common myths, and how to explain them

Myth #1 Solar Panels are Unreliable

The earliest PV panels installations some 40 years ago are still working. Now that PV panels have been more developed, isn’t it logical to expect them to perform better? Getting solar power into the energy grid makes it actually more dependable as there are varied sources of power.

Myth#2 Solar Panels are Ugly and Decrease Property Value.

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, that’s $4 for every solar watt you have. That’s an additional $20,000 for a 5kW system! And for every $1 in your electrical savings, an average of $20 gets added in your home resale value (depends on where you live).

Myth #3 Solar Panels Damage the Roof.

It’s the installation process, rather than the solar panels, that could ruin your roofing. Ask: Are there existing damages on my roof? Is my installer considering the drains, the material, the entire roofing system?

Myth #4 Solar Panels Don’t Work as Well in Cold Temperatures and Snow.

It’s not the temperature that solar panels use to convert to electricity but light. Cold temperatures actually make solar panels more efficient! Moreover, rain can wash away debris. Snow helps increase power output by reflecting light.

Myth #5 Solar Panels are Useless on Cloudy Days

Solar PV panels convert sunlight to energy.  They will continue to work even on overcast days, but they just won’t be producing that much energy as on a sunny day. Talk to your installers on what PV types/designs is best suited for your area.

Myth #6 Solar Panels are Noisy.

It’s the inverters and/or transformers that actually produce the ‘buzzing’ sound.

The better the type and the quality that’s being used, the lesser the noise. In addition, installers can always be requested to place these devices away from the bedroom window.

Myth #7 Solar Panels are Expensive

You can opt to lease or buy. Federal tax credits reduce their price by 30% (but you have to own the system, not rent it). Some state and local governments offer incentives and rebates aside from the investment tax credits (ITC) too.

Myth #8 Fossil Fuels are Way Cheaper

In 2016, the World Economic Forum announced in a report that solar and wind energy is cheaper than fossil fuels for the first time in 30 countries.

Myth #9 Solar Panels Would Take Eons to Pay Off

Generally, the less expensive your system, and the higher your regular electricity rate, the shorter the payback time on your system will be. Considering that some homes can receive negative utility bills and that solar installation means a reduction in pollution, going renewable is a sound investment.

What most people don’t understand is that we are on the verge of something new and great: a shift to renewable energy. In a way, it’s like a revolution of utilitarian people seeking a way to end the unjust reign of a self-serving and monopolizing monarchy of non-sustainable energy.

nine solar myths to bust infographic