Panel Layout Settings

October 16, 2013 MODsolar Admin

Do you frequently generate proposals for an area with zoning requirements that include setback that different from ModSolar’s 2ft default? Do you find yourself mapping most of your systems with portrait-oriented panels? Now you can plug in your own defaults and save yourself time.

We’ve recently implemented a helpful new feature in the ModSolar Platform to streamline the proposal generation process even further: panel layout settings. Until now, the Platform chose the defaults for you. With our latest update, you can set custom defaults for panel layouts.

To get to Panel Settings from the Home page, click Settings in the upper right.


Once on the Settings page, click Proposal Settings.

Here is where you will find the panel layout settings. You can set defaults for spacing, pitch, setbacks, and orientation.

Simply input the data you would like to appear as the default when you create a proposal, and click Save. The next time you generate a proposal, your panels will generate according to your defined settings.

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