Things are shining brightly in the state of New Jersey! But as a Pennsylvania-based solar technology company, MODsolar continues to be disappointed at the slow pace of change (or no change) in Harrisburg. See what the Inquirer is saying:

"The developments let Christie bask in the spotlight while attending PSE&G's groundbreaking last week at a planned solar farm on an old industrial site in Hackensack. The governor boasted that his state would 'continue to lead the way' on renewable energy, even as some environmental activists were pointing out ways that Trenton should be even more forward-looking."

Pennsylvania, on the other hand, is falling behind in the race to increase the state's use of sun-derived power.

"For more than a year, Pennsylvania House leaders have acted as if they were wearing blinders when it comes to the need to boost the state's use of sun-derived power."

We agree!

"Pennsylvania's modest goal to have 0.5 percent of its electricity come from the sun in about a decade is too low to drive demand for more solar installations, which means the solar-industry jobs that sprang up in recent years are at risk. It also means the state's air quality will continue to suffer, given the potential of solar to reduce the reliance on coal-generated electricity."

Check out the full article and more info at Philly.com:
Sun shines brighter in N.J.

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